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2018 Tax Deadlines

In this crazy world of taxes there are always filing deadlines that seem to creep up before you know it. Here is a summary of some of the deadlines I encounter the most:

Form 1099 - January 31st

San Francisco Gross Receipts and Payroll Tax (SF GRPT) - February 28th

DE Franchise Tax (Corporations) - March 1st

Flow Through (1065 or 1120S) Deadline or Extension - March 15th

San Francisco Business Property Tax - April 1st

Individual (1040) Deadline or Extension - April 15th

Corporation (1120) Deadline or Extension - April 15th

Non-Profit Deadline or Extension - May 15th

DE Franchise Tax (LLC) - June 3rd

Flow Through (1065 or 1120S) Extended Deadline - September 16th

Individual (1040) Extended Deadline - October 15th

Corporation (1120) Extended Deadline - October 15th

Non-Profit Extended Deadline - November 15th


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