Brian Miller

The CPA Next Door

Your Trusted Advisor

Brian gravitates toward smaller, entrepreneurial businesses; he runs one himself. He had a vision for a new and different kind of accounting firm, one that would provide part-time, cost-effective accounting and finance solutions to small business owners. Under Brian’s leadership, The CPA Next Door provides a suite of services to help entrepreneurs across the country get the experience and insight they need to be successful.

Prior to launching The CPA Next Door, Brian spent 12 years in the financial industry, deepening his expertise in accounting and financial management. In addition to his technology background, Brian has extensive experience in a wide variety of service businesses. He has a passion for working with small business owners and is skilled at building strategic financial road maps and custom dashboards that propel companies upward.

Brian graduated from the Western Washington University in accounting and business administration and went on to earn a Master’s degree in Taxation as well as his MBA. His goal to be a trusted advisor for the business, as well as help business owners, keep more of their hard-earned money prompted Brian to become a Certified Management Accounting as well as a CPA and Personal Financial Specialist.